Daniel Fountain is an artist, lecturer and researcher based in the Midlands, UK. In 2018 he was awarded a fully funded PhD studentship in Fine Art at Loughborough University for a practice-led project entitled All That Glitters Is Gold: Queering Waste via Campy Craft.


My artistic practice utilises methods historically associated with handicraft and exploits the marginal and gendered status of such practices in order to create works that subvert traditional notions of gender, domesticity and sexuality. Particularly informed by the queer tactics of performativity, camp, failure and disidentification, resulting works are often maximalist and unapologetic; they are brightly coloured, excessively adorned and inherently kitsch. More recently I have been concerned with the ways in which queer lives are often considered the abject ‘other’ of heteronormative society. Through a camp recycling practice that embraces the possibilities of working with marginalised objects and outmoded decorative styles I seek to recuperate the deprecated into a source of queer identity and strength. 


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