NEST (2019)

Found and discarded objects, 118 cm x 118cm (including: ex boyfriend's shirts, stained textiles, waste threads, electrical wire, trash bags...)

Whilst nests are sometimes constructed in an elaborate and aesthetically pleasing way, they are more importantly a space of function and comfort; to raise young, to court, to mate, to call home. The way in which such structures are constructed from ‘nothingness’ continues to inform recent research exploring the relationship into craft and queer worldmaking practices. Given that queer citizens often feel cast aside or ‘refused’ in society, it felt fitting to construct my own nest using materials that have been discarded, tainted, unloved and marginalised. The aim here is to give agency to these shunned objects and to create a space for unwanted citizens to call home; it invites viewers to sit, contemplate and revel in the salvage.

© Daniel Fountain Artist, 2020

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