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Found and discarded objects, 118 cm x 118cm (including: ex boyfriend's shirts, stained textiles, waste threads, electrical wire, trash bags...)

Nests are spaces of function and comfort. They are used to raise young, to court, to mate, to seek shelter - all things we affiliate with notions of 'home'. However, as queer individuals who are often refused by society, we have to craft our own spaces, communities and worlds. The work is a rumination on such processes of queer worldmaking and invites viewers to sit in the nest, take shelter and revel in the salvage. Although it is an inviting, soft, and brightly coloured textile work, the sculpture is only big enough for one person to sit in at a time. The physical awkwardness that the sculpture instills in the viewer furthers associations with notions of 'fitting' and not 'fitting in' - that both heteronormative and queer spaces can spaces can be hostile and unwelcoming at times, leading to feelings of discomfort and alienation.

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