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Found object sculptures, dimensions variable.

It is widely accepted that the term ‘faggot’ was originally used to describe a bundle of sticks, ultimately derived from the Greek ‘phakelos’ and then the Latin ‘fascis’. In Britain, they were historically used for fuel, but they would also be used to burn heretics alive. In the eventuality that this fatal sentence was not issued, or the individual decided to recant, the individual would be made to physically carry a faggot in public as punishment and humiliation, serving as a reminder of their crimes and the fate they narrowly escaped. Historically, the faggot was therefore thought to be a symbol of shame, of abjection and of 'otherness'. This series of work explores this etymology through the use of found objects. Sections of waste pipe and poles are bound in such a way that they resemble limbs, an association that is furthered by the use of shibari bondage knots. The sculptures are adorned with found gloves which seem to limp, become flaccid, or wave under the weight of their adornments or stuffing.

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