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Discarded textiles, broken jewellery, keys, handkerchief, copper pipe, safety pins, chains, darning thread.

This work is the latest in a series which uses the needlework technique known as ‘faggoting’ to join pieces of fabric together. The faggoting stitch is carried out using darning thread - a type of thread traditionally used for purposes of repair. Disparate scraps or 'misfits' of leather and denim are joined together as one collective and are adorned with a range of found objects including a copper pipe, some keys, rivets, studs, and broken jewellery. The use of leather and denim pays homage to typical gay fashion, particularly those such as the ‘clones’, slang for homosexuals who appeared to dress as idealised working-class men, often wearing jeans and leather jackets. Objects such as the keys and the blue handkerchief also provide a nod to the semiotics of cruising given that both have been used as bodily signifiers for homosexual activity and sexual preferences.

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