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'Crafting with Pride' (2022): Developed a series of workshops to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pride in the UK, Crafts Council

'Paul Yore: WORD MADE FLESH' (2022): Produced museum interpretation and wrote catalogue chapter, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

'First Outing' (2021): Multi-site exhibition at Grundy Art Gallery and Abingdon Studios, including work by Claye Bowler, Dan Chan and Matthew Rimmer, funded by UK New Artists and Arts Council England

'Crafted with Pride' (2021): Curated a symposium and workshop for National Museums Liverpool and Queer British Art Research Group, funded by Tate and Paul Mellon Centre's British Art Network

'Pots with Pride' (2022): Research and exhibition of works by activist and ceramicist, Angus Suttie (1946-1993), Crafts Council.

'Come As You Are' (2021–23): Running a series of craft workshops for the annual festival and curated exhibition 'WE ARE HERE', Exeter Phoenix

'Queer Traces' (2021): Organised symposium exploring queer approaches to drawing and the archive with artists Coco Guzman and Maurice Moore, Loughborough University

'Re-Imagining Citizenship' (2019): Publication, collaborations and multiple exhibitions, culminating in the exhibition Personal Structures – Identities at Palazzo Mora for the Venice Biennale

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